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Sony teases PS4 interface in video

by Gurman Bhatia, June 20, 2013 from

A video released on Playstation’s official YouTube Channel unveils the interface for Sony’s next generation gaming console, the Playstation 4.

The teaser video reaffirms Sony’s next-gen console’s focus on social gaming that it has stated all along. The video shows that users can upload and stream gameplay videos just as Sony had mentioned earlier. The ability to like and comment in the usual social community fashion is show as well.

There’s also a very brief glimpse of what looks like a revamped interface. The familiar icons appear to be replaced with more box like icons. Social updates from the gaming community appear in a tile like fashion.

The video also shows slick transitions between different tasks. The user switches from watching a game play video to actually playing the game seamlessly. A double tap on the controller’s PS button is used for this. Multitasking does exist, but something similar to the Xbox’s snap mode isn’t seen.

Taking social gaming further, games happening on the cloud appear as “sessions” that users can join. A quick press of the share button on the controller, and your game play can be shared with a fellow player.

When you purchase a game, it gives you the option of choosing whether you want to download a certain mode first so that you can start playing soon.

New messages appear on the top left, instead of the top right as before. Even here the interface is revamped with notifications being accompanied by the person’s photograph. The messaging interface in itself has earned a lot of colour and the keyboard comes in a boxy look with word prediction built-in.

Integration with mobile devices shows how you can send messages using your smartphone as well. This means that you could login from your mobile phone and control app purchases as well as other features such as messages.

Take a look at how Sony plans on keeping you connected with fellow gamers through its new console.


great effort

To accomplish great things, one must put in great effort. Thomas Edison tried over 10,000 times before inventing a working lightbulb. Can you imagine if he had given up on the 10th try?

I wonder, in this age of instant information and instant gratification– do people do anything that takes more than a few clicks and a few moments? I’m going to date myself and say that I grew up in a time where I had to go to the library to find information. I had to ask a librarian and lug heavy encyclopedias. I had to explain to a fifth grader what an encyclopedia is the other day while he played on his iPad. He probably doesn’t even have to wait for a photo to develop! Wait. What?! My phone does WHAT?!

What will this world turn into now that we don’t have to work or wait for anything? What are we fighting for now that’ll change the world fifty years from now?

And how damaging is it to us as a people? Scientists have discovered that the brain works in two modes: the fast thinking mode that acts instinctively and make quick judgments and the slow thinking mode that are more contemplative, that examines all the facts.; it gathers and coalesces information. And most importantly, it takes longer than the fast thinking mode. It takes effort. Great effort. When we click through the Internet, we make snap judgments constantly activating the fast thinking mode. Over time, not using the slow thinking mode, we will become a species more dependent on our instinctive animalism, acting on impulse alone. Therefore, in order to ensure the evolution of our species, we should practice and strengthen the slow thinking brain, however counterintuitive that may be when we’ve equated speed with excellence for so long. We should make great efforts. To actually work for something instead of click for it.

As powerful a tool as the Internet can be and however much connected we may feel, the ability to disconnect and slow down is what is going to make us be more of a human being. After all, if we are looking for love or anything worthy of our time on the Internet, the act of clicking on profiles and sending off half-written emails isn’t ultimately going to get us what we need. Stewing with our thoughts and forming our unique conclusions and really fighting for something are the actions that ultimately define us. And who knows, once we slow down and form some thoughts of our own, we might find that something really worth fighting for. And when we do reconnect, we’ll have the most unique and wonderful gift to share: ourselves.

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